House Sitting (Vacation Maintenance)

Bonded, Fully Insured, police clearance (PIC/PVSC), trustworthy...

BLUEWATER EPA  offers a friendly, hands on, approach to our house sitting service. We will meet with you prior to your leaving date, and go over any specifics about your home and it's requirements. Bluewater does not charge for this service, nor do we charge for key pick up or drop offs. We will give your home "activity" while you are away: variable times of day surveillance - we will be at your home once for sure - but will drop in at different times (and multiple times when in the area), installation of light timers, mail and flyer collection, keep your sidewalks clear, collect mail and flyers, garbage and recycling to the street for pickup (on garbage day!). Your house and property will be inspected and walked around - for any odd activity, security or environmental damage... We will meet you very soon after your return, and advise of any happenings. Any other minor chore or requirement needed - just ask and we can add to the list. 

Call Bluewater epa  (519) 312.1508 or email from our contact page.


Your House Insurance Policy

Our snowbird rates offer a standard 3 visits per week for both summer and winter travellers. If you have concerns about your home insurance policies, call your insurance company and they will advise you of what details they require while you are away for an extended time period. Generally our 3 visits per week will suffice, but we strongly advise that you check with your insurance provider. We can adjust to whatever you require for your home.

Contact between Bluewater EPA and you...

The home-owner and Ken from Bluewater EPA will have each others phone contact numbers obviously. Email information is definitely encouraged if home-owner is reachable by email while away. Contact may be required by either party for multiple reasons. At times - a forgotten important item (document/presentation/gift/memory stick) can be forwarded to you, keys delivered to a third party (with your advisement obviously), or any other requirement that you need...

***If an emergency or anything unfortunate occurs during your trip - whatever that may be - please feel secure that Bluewater EPA will look after your home and work with you in whatever you require of our service. We will talk with you and arrange anything that you may require, contact relatives, insurers, or anything else that we can help you with from home...

Snow removal in winter months / Lawns in Spring/Fall

Our company tends to think that snow removal can be a HUGE job at times in the house sitting business…In order to keep pricing in-line, we have altered our pricing and now offer a minimal winter rate for "Snowbirds" and "Weekly" house sits will include clearing the driveway of snow.…If you only require one or two days house sitting we will charge between $22 and $35 to clear your driveway.

All "WEEKLY" and "WINTER SNOWBIRD" house sit rates - snow removal included …Your driveway will be cleaned of snow…(exceptionally long driveways will be discussed prior to house sit)...Some yards/driveways will be subject to $20 fee for grass cutting/snow removal...

***Please be advised - this does refer only to "normal" sized driveways and yards…(if you have long and winding roads that lead you to your door…I will assume that you have a service in place!). 

We use pet friendly and ecologically sound Alaskan de-icer (salt & calcium chloride mix) where requested, and will spread on your steps and walkways. 

Grass will be mowed while you are away in summer months (included in your house sitting), if you request. If property is larger than normal - a small fee may be added...


all pricing includes HST (pls note - we do not charge for initial meeting nor key drop offs/pick-ups) You may choose to have your house looked after every day, 3 times a week or we can even drop in once a week if that is all that you require. (Check with your insurer.) 

Snowbird Rates  (3 visits per week)

Summer / winter rate of $99/week ($87.61 + $11.39HST)  

Those of you who leave your home for weeks or months at a time, all usually require various quotes. We can work out a package with you for number of visits per week (that you would like us to do), and chores required while you are away. We have a standard, three visits to your home per week The winter charges include snow-blowing your driveway any day that it snows here in Sarnia/Lambton. as well as clearing walkways, cars in driveways, walkways de-iced, etc. Please be reminded that we snow-blow "normal" sized driveways…Extra charges may apply if driveway is large. All services in weekly rates apply to snowbird rates, excepting snow removal...

Weekly Rates  (7 visits per week)

daily rate $26/day (one visit per day) including HST ($23.00 + $3.00HST) 

This includes one daily visit to your home. Services will include -  mail & flyer collection, garbage put out and collection, lawn cut if requested, snow removal in winter months including driveway, any vehicles in driveway cleared of snow, and walkways de-iced (with Alaskan ice melters). Vehicles in driveway started (if requested). Curtains will be altered with every visit, lights turned on/off or changed. Water taps turned on (and off), toilets flushed if away for an extended time period. Daily inspection and walk around of property to inspect and ensure that no mischief, environmental, or natural damage of house or property. ***your home may be checked more than once a day when/if I am in the area...Your Bluewater agent is always available 24/7 for any reasons that you the home-owner may require.

Single Day Rates  (1 visit per week)

daily rate $39/day (one visit per day) including HST

this once a week check/upkeep of your home is available…all snow removal will be at an additional charge. If you would like once a week, please contact and will work out a price. (**this is due to the fact that if snow and ice accumulate on any given day - it should be cleared sooner than later...

Snow Removal (without sitting services)

single driveways (under 50') $39 including HST ($34.51. + $4.49HST) 

double driveways (or over 50') $49 to $59 incl HST ($43.36 + $5.64HST)

***Our snow removal includes snow blowing your driveway and the walkways and stairs to your house. Will put some de-icer on main walkways. On very snowy days - my house sitting/pet sitting customers get their driveways done first, but will get to yours as soon as possible…If busy snow day in Sarnia - leave message on phone 519.312.1508...


Our House Sitting Service can definitely be combined with our Pet services. Please defer to the Pet Sitting page for full details and pricing.

Other services

***Any or all of our other property and estate services can be offered to you while we maintain your house and property. These include: window washing, power washing, gutter cleaning, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, etc. We can also offer lawn clean-up, junk removal, we can move a bed and dresser to your daughter's house - or have old furniture moved out and recycled, all while you are away…

Window Washing

I am also a professional window washer - if you would like to come home to super clean windows after your vacation - can schedule the window cleaning in the days before you arrive home...

Call Bluewater epa house sitting serves at 519.312.1508

Call Bluewater epa house sitting serves at 519.312.1508