Bluewater epa was established in 2013 in Sarnia, Ontario and services Sarnia, Point Edward, Brights Grove, Camlachie, and Corunna. The company was started by Ken Harder, a 15 year resident of Sarnia, after many years working in safety and industrial supply representation, both in Sarnia and throughout Ontario.

The company has established itself to work with various pet and property owners - and offer multiple services to residential, commercial and retailers alike. The company has combined some maintenance services to assist customers who may want other services performed while their home and/or pets are cared for while they are away. 

Our strongest asset has become our residential window cleaning services. We do an exceptional job with our interior/exterior work, and the job itself is quite satisfying in it's inherent "Wow!" factor…that is - many a customer will return home after being away for a few hours while the windows are being done…or a spouse or kid returns home at end of day…and they say "Wow! are the windows ever clean!"…the work performed is instantly noticeable…and people honestly (and sometimes almost excitedly) compliment your work…and that is very rewarding when you perform a service such as this…

One of the companies main goals is to grow and nurture both its Pet and House Sitting Service, as well as it's Estate Care division. Helping people with their "stuff" is our company's strength - and doing just that - with a respect for their privacy and personal concerns is the ultimate goal. Please see our individual services pages for more info on what we can offer you.