**free advice for a safer home**

If you are not using our Pet Sitting or House Sitting services - we still want your home and possessions to be safe and secure while you are away from your home. Some of you who don't require our services have either a relative or neighbour to drop in (or stay) at your home. That would be the ideal and least costly option of course. We hope that if you ever do require us, or can recommend us in the future, we would be very happy to offer our services…


In the meantime -  here are some tips to keeping your home safe while you are away. Most of the tips are still good to do even if you do use our service...


- have the post office hold your mail, stop newspaper and flyer delivery

- if you keep a spare key under a rock on your porch (or in the clothespin bag) - remove it while you are away.

- leave shades and blinds as you usually do…Neighbors may notice change…Also a  closed curtained house is shuttered - it may seem "safer" - but if police or neighbours can see activity in the house - it may alter what occurs.

- buy an alarm system, make sure all locks are in "good" form. 

- you can inform the local police that you are away for more than a week.

- have someone cut your lawn (if gone for multiple weeks)

- light timers in a couple of rooms of your home.

- make sure all windows are locked  as well as all doors.

- Facebook /Twitter and other social media do not need to know all dates and times of departure. You do not need to announce to the world that your home will be un-occupied for the next week or month...

- do not leave a portable GPS in your car when using long-term parking at the airport. It can alert thieves that you are not home, as well as give them a very convenient map to your home…

- while we are on about GPS's -  - alter your "HOME" setting to anywhere but your home. (use City of Sarnia, City Hall, 7-11) It won't matter for you, because you already know where your home is - you don't need a GPS to find your way home once you get to Sarnia. If you (for example) are in Hamilton and hit HOME - it will still map you the same way towards Sarnia.

- disconnect the power to some of your electronics (TV / computer / coffee pot/ etc) can save you money.

- some people actually leave a radio on in the kitchen - just because... 

- turn your electric garage door opener OFF - cannot be opened with a universal remote

- or -  

Hire Bluewater EPA to mind your home while you are away and be worry free…

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