Retirement Home / Care Home Assistance

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BLUEWATER EPA's care home assistance is here to help retiree's and seniors who are transitioning to either a retirement home, care home, or even just a smaller seniors apartment. 

Our service may entail moving all items to the new home, as well as the set up of televisions, telephones, cable, mini-fridge, etc in the new apartment. As most retirement apartments are usually not a "full-size" space, move-ins can require a few shiftings of furniture and entertainment units until you get it right. 

Our company will take its time in servicing the client moving in. We understand that a transition of this type can sometimes be emotional or upsetting, and will do our best to help in whatever is required.

Our services can also include pick up and delivery of various items, be they a new television set from The Brick to be set up, or a Curio Cabinet from a daughter's house (that fits better in the new home).

We can also offer services for moving items out of the old dwelling, if the property is to be sold or rented, we can 

Listing of services available for Retirement Home / Care Assistance:

- co-ordination and transport of all items to be moved to new home setting

- supply boxes/bags/tape/etc for packing of items 

- delivery of items to new residence, and help setting up items if required.

- pick up and delivery of any "new" items the resident may require (example a new Mini fridge for room, new television, new television console to fit room)

additional services:

- clearing out furniture and household goods from the original residence.

- assisting family members with delivery of various goods to other destinations.

- co-ordination of goods from original residence (deemed "re-cycle") to charitable organizations such as Goodwill / Habitat / Bibles for Missions / etc.