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BLUEWATER EPA's estate assistance has a somewhat new approach to assist people in a difficult time. When someone passes away (or is making a transitional move to a nursing home), people many times have a property and/or a lifetime of goods and possessions to deal with. The sorting, removal and dispersal of goods can be a long and arduous task. Our company is here to assist with this process...


Here is our company's main emphasis on our estate assistance...

We strongly suggest that the family first sort through the loved one's home and possessions, and deem what they wish to keep, items they may wish to sell or auction, heirlooms to pass on to children and grandchildren, keepsakes, pictures, etc. This is a family's rite of passage, something private and meaningful to all in many different ways. Our company can arrange shipment of any larger items to another person's home (for example - a China Cabinet, sofa or a dining set going to a son or daughter's home.) We can also arrange long distance shipping and packaging  -  if/when required - to a relative farther away.

Once the family (or legal rep.) has given an okay to clear the home, our company will sort the remainder into 2 distinct groupings - goods to recycle and refuse for a landfill site.  Recycling of goods can include Salvation Army, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Bibles For Missions, or any charity deemed by the family. Actual recyclables (paper, glass, plastics) will be dealt with correctly, and trash/yard waste will be brought to the appropriate landfill site or picked up by the city services crew.

A very important aspect to our service is the trust and assurance in our company - to deal with our customers needs at a sometimes very difficult transition in their lives. As we go through all of these possessions - we keep an eye out for any special items that may have been over-looked, or possibly a memorable keepsake. If we find any goods at all that we deem either financial / sentimental / valuable we will set them aside and bring to the family's attention. We understand that if we find some WWII photos in an old drawer, mortgage papers in an upstairs closet, a Daulton figurine in the laundry room, or $3000 dollars in a cookie jar - they are all things that the family will or might want. Our company has integrity above all else - and we really want you to know this. 

The home itself can be emptied and cleaned to whatever specifications you would like. Some minor repairs can be done if needed, and larger ones can be arranged if required. Yard and other property maintenance can also be done right away, as well as on an ongoing basis, until the property is sold or lived in by others who will maintain.  

***Additional services that we can provide for the home or the property itself are listed below. Any other service that a customer may require can always be easily discussed and arranged.

Call us at (519)312.1508 or email us from our Contact Page...


Listing of services in our Estate Assistance:

- co-ordination and packing of all furniture, clothing, household wares into 3 groups - Family / Recycle / Trash

- supply boxes/bags/tape/etc for packing of items that require it.

- arrange transport and delivery of any goods required to family members/friends/special delivery

- arrange transport of all recycled goods to various charities: Goodwill / Habitat / Bibles for Missions / etc

- recycle all plastics and cardboard materials to rightful place. All trash, broken furniture, and anything  deemed "refuse"  to landfill facility.

- general cleaning of floors, windows, counters, bathrooms, fridges and stoves  -  if carpet cleaning/painting/repairs required - can all be arranged. Whatever you require, we can get it done for you...


Sizes of homes, grounds work needed, amount of possessions in home, and cleaning required are obviously going to vary in huge degrees, so each job is going to require a quoted price.

Pricing will vary - we will do our very best to quote you our best price, as well as a quick, concise time frame for completing the clean-up. A starting price for a smaller home - including packing, sorting, shipping goods to charitable companies and landfill/recycle sites, cleaning floors, bathrooms and counters would be at a rate somewhere between $695 and $895. Once again - each home will be a different scenario and will have different or more difficult chores, and additional services pricing will realistically be on an individual basis...

Additional Services for home & property

- professional window washing     /    minor repairs, minor drywall repairs, painting.


-power washing (vinyl siding clean-up, driveways, concrete stairs, etc)


 gutter clean-outs... yard clean-up, lawn maintenance, snow removal, leaf removal.


- junk removal (Automobile tires and sealed chemicals can be arranged).

-Trailer drop off for filling and removal for flat fee.

- lawn maintenance (also - aeration service in Apr/May and Sept/Oct by appointment)

- carpet cleaning and floor maintenance.

- assisting in any other way in getting home and/or property ready for future sale or rental.


Call Bluewater estate services at 519.312.1508

Call Bluewater estate services at 519.312.1508